From Barn to Beauty

Preserving History One Board at a Time

Every Piece Has a Story to Tell 

The warmth, charm, and durability that reclaimed wood flooring adds to your home is unmatched. We have everything you need to bring your dream to life. From beautiful oak to rustic pine, each plank is handcrafted and custom milled so you get the style you want every single time. 

We offer flooring in white oak, red oak, hemlock, pine, chestnut, and hickory. The unique beauty, enduring strength, and rich history of reclaimed hardwood flooring makes it more than a home project. It’s a chance to transform your space into something truly magical.

a large room with reclaimed wood flooring and a cathedral ceiling

“The reclaimed floor and walls were a game changer. There’s just a very different feeling when you walk in—and the cathedral ceiling is incredible.”

Homeowner Vince Canzanese

Reclaiming Hardwood

Going from barn to beauty isn’t easy, but it’s a process we love with results you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Our wood is 100% sourced from old barns, buildings, and other rural structures, so you’re not just preserving history; you’re also saving trees and keeping barnwood out of landfills. 

Here’s how our vintage wood is created: 

  1. First we tear down an old barn. 
  2. Then we denail and clean the wood. 
  3. Next we saw down the planks. 
  4. Then the wood goes into a kiln to dry it out.
  5. From there we custom mill the boards. 
  6. Lastly we mold, sand, and finish the pieces.  

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