Live edge wood is one of the more popular, authentic, and unique products that we offer. The trend of live edge furniture is centered around the idea of a solid piece of wood being transformed into a sustainable piece of furniture, emphasizing the repurpose and recycling of trees.

Live edge wood slabs have a unique textured aesthetic due to the natural edge being left and removing only the bark from the timber. They also have a beautiful grain thanks to being left in their natural state. When on the hunt for the perfect slab, look for wood that will be large enough for your project. Also, try to find a piece of live edge wood that has unique knots, colors, or burls. If you find a slab with natural holes, you can choose to leave them or fill them in with resin. As far as wood species, oak, pine, and maple are some of the more popular wood species used for live edge furniture. There are several different ways live edge wood can be used within rustic and classic interior product designs. Live edge wood slabs are perfect for building coffee tables, countertops, bar tables, or floating shelves. 

All of our live edge wood comes from sustainable sources of reclaimed timber. We offer a large variety of live edge wood slabs at our lot in Lancaster County, PA. We have unique woods at affordable prices, and kiln drying is available to remove moisture, stains, and bugs. Our live edge wood stock continually changes, so we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. If you need a specific wood species that we don’t normally stock, we will help to find the perfect live edge wood slab for you. 

Interested in a custom-built live edge furniture piece? View our online shop for some design inspiration for a live edge dining table. 


• Available in oak, walnut, cherry, and maple.

• Live edge wood slabs have unfinished edges for a natural look.

• Popular projects using live edge wood include live edge tables and live edge mantels.


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