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Let Us Give Your Old Barn a New Life

Do you have an old barn that you’d like to tear down? Before you demolish it, find out if it can be reclaimed. Old barn wood is in high demand, and if yours is in usable condition, we can help you turn it into cash while also keeping it out of the landfill.

Our Removal & Reclamation Process

Barn removal and reclamation is the primary way Vintage Wood & Forged Iron provides beautiful reclaimed wood products to our professional and DIY customers, and we would love to take a look at your old barn, assess if it can be reclaimed, and tell you what it’s worth.  

If your old barn is salvageable, our fully insured professional crew can provide complete barn removal and reclamation services, including careful dismantling, site cleanup, and haul away, and we’ll offer a fair market price for your old barn wood based on its species and condition. We can also reclaim and repurpose your old barn’s vintage hardware.

To learn more about our barn removal and reclamation services, check out the FAQ  on this page and submit the form along with a photo of your old barn.


• We take the worry and hassle out of taking down old barns.

• We provide time-tested materials the respect they deserve, giving them new lives.


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    How Much Is My Old Barn Worth?

    How much your old barn is worth depends on a variety of factors, including the barn’s size, wood species, condition, and location. To learn more about barn removal and reclamation and how we decide if the wood in your barn can be reclaimed, read our Blog.

    Why Designers and DIYers Love Old Barn Wood

    Old barns were often built from the trees found on the local property. The most common species we find in barns are Pines, Hemlock, Hickory, Red & White Oak, and the now critically endagered American Chestnut. The reclaimed barn wood can be made into beautiful custom tables, flooring, furniture, and other architectural and decorative pieces. Builders, architects, and DIYers appreciate the unique patina of barn wood and its many colors like faded red, white, and natural finishes. They also love the environmentally friendly quality of using salvaged wood and the history that accompanies it.

    To see how reclaimed barn wood can be given a new life, visit our Gallery.


    Where does Vintage Wood & Forged Iron perform barn removal and reclamation?

    We go as far as the value of your barn determines. If you have a large, exceptional quality barn, or a historically preserved barn and are not from the Tri-State area, send us some photos and we will let you know if we are interested!

    What condition does my barn have to be in?

    We prefer barns in good condition with an intact roof. The more water damage and disrepair in your barn, the less value both parties can get from it.

    What if my barn is falling down?

    There may be no positive value of the lumber after the costs of demolition. In most cases with a barn in serious disrepair, it may actually cost you to complete the demolition, even with reclaiming whatever lumber we can.

    Is there a specific species of wood my barn has to be?

    No, but it does factor in to the value of your barn. For us, barns with quality hardwoods are the most sought after.

    What species of wood is worth the most money?

    White Oak and American Chestnut are the most valuable species we look for.

    How do you determine the how much to pay for my barn?

    Our Barn Expert will do a site visit and determine the footprint, species, and condition of your barn. He will determine our demo costs and the value of the wood in your barn. We deduct all costs from the value and that is the price we offer in a contract. Sometimes we will offer a value range if we believe we may find additional rot or issues during the demoltion.

    Can I send you a picture of my barn so you can tell me if you can reclaim the wood?

    Yes, you can send us a picture using the form on this page. Once we receive your information, we will follow up with you to let you know if we can help.

    How long does it take to have my barn wood removed?

    The entire process may take 2 to 6 months from the time you submit photos. The actual demolition and removal of your barn can take 7-21 days, depending on size.

    How quickly can I schedule my barn removal and reclamation?

    We schedule site visits within 2-4 weeks. If we sign a contract, it could take 2 weeks to a few months until our demolition crew is available.

    Is there anything I have to do to prepare for my barn removal?

    Yes, you must remove all contents that you want to keep. Anything left in the barn will be considered purchased by the company or trash. If we have to move anything out of the barn, it may increase your demolition costs, reducing the amount you get paid for your barn.

    When do I get paid for my reclaimed barn wood?

    Depending on the value, we pay 25% down on the barn when the contract is signed and another 25% at the beginning of demolition. We pay the remaining balance upon completion of the demo. This is subject to change at anytime without notice before a contract is signed and is determined by the amount paid for the barn.

    Will I be responsible for disposing of any wood that can’t be reused?

    Yes. We do offer the service of a controlled burn of all waste materials or filling and hauling 40 yard containers. This is built into the cost of the demo.


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