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Growing in popularity, the organic modern look is an impressive design style that couples modern architecture with natural and organic elements. With nods to minimalist, midcentury, and Bohemian styles, the organic modern look is one that offers the best of both worlds as it allows for a substantive appearance while embracing a minimalist design.

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At Vintage Wood & Forged Iron, we provide a variety of design elements that are perfect for helping you bring this look to life in your home. Whether it’s reclaimed wood planks, live edge tables, or metal accents, we have the pieces you need to create something special.

Create Something Special with Reclaimed Wood Planks

With reclaimed wood planks, you can add the perfect natural touch to your living room or bedroom. This versatile design element has proven to be a popular choice among those looking for organic modern décor, whether the wood planks are used to make custom tables, shelving, or anything else you can think of.

reclaimed hardwood flooring and barnwood
reclaimed wood siding, hardwood flooring and hand-hewn beams
barnwood mantel and iron

Add Character with Live Edge Wood

Perfect for adding a touch of nature to your home, live edge wood stands out as a must-have piece for countless homeowners. This attractive element is an essential piece of any organic modern home, great for tables, shelving, and countertops.

Metal Accents Add the Perfect Touch

Adding the perfect complement to your shelving or furniture, metal provides wooden pieces with the perfect finishing touch. Available in styles ranging between minimalist and more robust, there’s sure to be a metal accent perfect for you.

Ready to Bring Organic Modern into Your Home?


When it comes to the organic modern look, Vintage Wood & Forged Iron is the company to call for the elements you need. Get started today with reclaimed wood planks, live edge wood, or metal accents to create the look you want. Work with our experienced team to find the products that will bring your vision to life.

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