If you’re restoring a log cabin, old barn basement, or any barn that predates the Civil War, chances are you’ll need some strong hand-hewn beams to provide the proper support. Or, you may be looking to install barn beams to transform a ceiling in a room as an accent. Whichever design direction you intend to go in, our hand-hewn beams made from reclaimed wood add warmth, character, and ambiance to any space.

Crafted by hand long, long ago, hand-hewn beams bear the axe marks from custom craftsmen whose art was shaping trees into astoundingly strong structural timbers. Our reclaimed wood beams range in different sizes, lengths, and styles to complement your unique project. We are equipped to handle antique beam packages ranging from just a single hand-hewn beam to a few hundred. We can custom cut, prep, and clean them to be installed in your home, ready to fit most applications. All of our hand-hewn beams have been salvaged from vintage barns.

Hand-hewn beams are also perfect for fireplace mantels, shelves, and other decorative uses. The character that comes with a hand-hewn fireplace mantel cannot be replicated. A hand-hewn wood fireplace mantel adds a warm touch to the heart of every home.

If a fireplace mantel doesn’t work in your space, hand-hewn beams also make great floating shelves for that rustic and recycled look. Looking to add some metal brackets to hold up those reclaimed wood beams? Check out our hand-forged iron mantel and shelf brackets for sale.


• Hand-hewn beams provide a distinctive period look. They were the normal before the Industrial Revolution, when circular saws took the place of hand tools.

• White oak, a very hard wood that does not rot, is a common choice.

• Brushed original hewing marks provide a unique look full of character.


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