Hand-hewn beams boast character and beauty that are truly unmatched. They were commonplace before the Industrial Revolution, when circular saws replaced the hand tools responsible for hand-hewn beams’ distinctive brushed hewing marks. Often made from white oak, a very hard wood that does not rot, reclaimed wood beams stand out thanks to their rustic appearance and lasting durability.

Vintage Wood & Forged Iron carries an impressive selection of reclaimed wood beams perfect for all your project needs. Need a single piece for a mantel? A bulk quantity for a larger project? The hand-hewn beams you’re looking for are just a click or call away at our Lancaster County warehouse.

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  • Hand-hewn beams provide a distinctive period look. They were the normal before the Industrial Revolution, when circular saws took the place of hand tools.
  • White oak, a very hard wood that does not rot, is a common choice.
  • Brushed original hewing marks provide a unique look full of character.

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Both stylish and versatile, hand-hewn reclaimed wood beams can be used in a variety of ways to enhance an interior living space.

  • Mantels: Mantels made from hand-hewn wood look good in just about any living room setting, often mounted above a fireplace or just below a flat-screen TV. Whether the décor is traditional, modern, or contemporary, a reclaimed wood mantel will add the perfect finishing touch.
  • Shelving: Reclaimed wood beams make excellent shelves, as their natural wood grain contrasts well with decorative items likely to be placed on them. They’re ideal for photos, candles, and other décor, and their sturdiness makes them ideal for holding spirit and wine bottles in bars.
  • Other: Hand-hewn beams are a dream product for DIYers. They can be cut down to make unique pieces of furniture, serving as table legs, coffee table tops, and much more.


Not only do reclaimed wooden beams work well in decorative roles, but they also make excellent architectural pieces. Considerably strong and durable, reclaimed wood beams add a unique aesthetic that can transform a room’s appearance.

  • Ceiling Beams: Hand-hewn wood makes for perfect ceiling beams in both new and refurbished buildings. The rustic appearance and old-world charm found on each hand-hewn beam goes a long way in providing a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.
  • Indoor Posts: Taking the natural wood look a step further, reclaimed wood beams are the perfect design element for a modern farmhouse or western aesthetic. Their natural aged wood grain stands out and enhances a building’s look like nothing else.
  • Porch Posts: Reclaimed wood beams can also be used as porch posts, providing solid functionality and stunning style in any outdoor living space.


If you’re in the market for hand-hewn wood, give Vintage Wood & Forged Iron a call. Our varied inventory coupled with our extensive product knowledge makes us the ideal choice for homeowners, contractors, and designers looking for high-quality hand-hewn beams. Located in Lancaster County, we look forward to being your supplier for all your project’s needs. Contact us today to place your first order or to learn more about our products.


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