For a one-of-a-kind look and unparalleled character, reclaimed wood is a go-to building material. Reclaimed wood has a rich history, beautiful aged look, and tons of character that comes with great durability and strength. One of the more unique reasons to build with reclaimed wood is that you can repurpose rare, exotic wood species into a new, original piece. Some of the more exotic and rare woods can be obtained only by going with vintage wood. In turn, they can become reclaimed wood furniture or wood shelves, pieces that cannot be mass produced or duplicated.

Within the realm of reclaimed wood, we offer reclaimed barn wood siding for sale. Barnwood siding is weathered to rustic perfection being exposed to the elements for decades. No two planks of reclaimed wood siding are alike.

Barnwood paneling adds distinctive texture to any room, making it an increasingly popular interior design choice. Decorative barnwood paneling is designed to provide the look of real rustic wood without the weight of hardwood, and it adapts easily to any look — from traditional to transitional to ultramodern.

When looking to add barnwood planks to your home, a popular option is to use it as an accent in a room by lining a wall. Reclaimed barnwood planks are lightweight, easy to install, and come in a variety of finishes and wood species, elevating its versatility. The natural warmth of reclaimed wood adds positive visual appeal and creates an inviting space.

Here at Vintage Wood and Forged Iron, we offer a large variety of reclaimed wood at our lot in Lancaster County, PA. We have unique woods at affordable prices, and kiln drying is available to remove moisture, stains, and bugs. Our wood stock continually changes, so whether you are in need of barn wood paneling or reclaimed wood, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.


• Barn siding with original paint

• Faded white

• Faded red

• No paint

• Brushed

• Beautiful patina

• Odor-free


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