Reclaimed wood has a rich history, beautifully aged look, and tons of character that comes with great durability and strength. But, what exactly is it? Reclaimed wood, also known as reclaimed lumber, is wood that has been retrieved and upcycled from sources such as factories, old barns, and warehouses.

Therefore, why would you want to build with old and vintage wood?

For example, wood was the primary building material thanks to its abundance and inexpensive cost at one time. As times and preferences for building materials changed, factories and warehouses constructed from wood were either abandoned or demolished. Today, those structures that may have been abandoned. Built from sought-after lumber like redwood and American chestnut, are now lucky enough to get a second life through the reclamation process. Deconstruction has become a viable alternative to demolition. 

Above all, beyond its beauty and durability, what are some other reasons to use reclaimed wood over virgin wood?

Firstly, one is that it’s an environmentally friendly choice that puts a decrease on the demand for virgin wood. When barn wood is harvested responsibly, you’re reducing the environmental impact that comes with deforestation and reducing the creation of further landfill waste.

Secondly, besides the environmental choice, a general appreciation of preserving vintage wood may lead you to pick reclaimed barn wood for your next project. When you purchase salvaged barn wood, you’re also getting a piece full of history that provides a vintage look that cannot be replicated with non-recycled barn wood.

And lastly, one of the more unique reasons to build with vintage wood is that you can repurpose rare, exotic wood species into a new, original piece. Some of the more exotic and rare woods can be obtained only by going with vintage wood. In turn, they can become reclaimed wood furniture or wood shelves, pieces that cannot be mass produced or duplicated.

Above all, we hope you now have a better understanding as to what reclaimed wood is. And how it can bring unique style and character to any project. You may find yourself asking, “Where to buy reclaimed wood?”

In conclusion, at Vintage Wood and Forged Iron, we offer a large variety of wood at our lot in Lancaster County, PA. Our wood stock continually changes. Whether you are in need of hand-hewn beams or reclaimed hardwood flooring, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

When you’re ready to discuss your next reclaimed barn wood project, contact our team with your specifications.

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