When we reclaimed this 19th-century barn in York County, PA, we continued the legacy of early America. The barn sat on land originally purchased by a Scottish family in 1762. Descendants built the barn in the early 1800s, and it served faithfully to house their horses and mules, hay and grain, and carriages and wagons. The barn wood was treated with a torch to preserve it and was later whitewashed. Over time the wood weathered to a beautiful gray. The barn stood much as it had since the 19th century, a testament to early American craftsmanship.

Our Vintage Wood & Forged Iron team treated this history with the respect it deserved. Over five days in early 2019, we carefully dismantled the barn so it could live on in future building projects. In addition to beautiful hickory, white oak, red oak, hemlock, and pine lumber, we were also able to reclaim several door hinges. The reclaimed wood was later reborn as hand-hewn mantels and decorative beams, flooring, wainscoting panels, and other architectural items. Some of the barn siding was also used for ceiling panels in a summer home in Vermont.