The warmth, character, and durability of reclaimed barnwood flooring is unparalleled. Reclaimed hardwood has an appeal that outdoes all other flooring materials, from the enduring beauty of reclaimed oak floors to the swirling colors of reclaimed hickory, to the charm of reclaimed maple and the rustic comfort of reclaimed pine flooring. Each wood species has distinct characteristics, whether it’s the grain pattern, the coloring, the texture, or the knots and swirls that give wood its unique charm, and every piece of reclaimed wood flooring is sure to tell a story all on its own.

We offer several species of reclaimed barnwood flooring, with characteristics sure to suit any style. The look you are trying to achieve will dictate the reclaimed material we cut and mill. Each reclaimed barn wood piece is custom milled to your specific needs and design specifications. Our reclaimed wood flooring is hand crafted one plank at a time, every time. 

When it comes to selecting the material for hardwood floors, one advantage to using reclaimed wood is that it keeps antique barnwood from landfills. Some choose it because of the character that comes with using reclaimed wood, while others want to take a green approach by reusing natural materials. Reclaimed flooring prevents the cutting down of newer and still-developing trees, and it has more character—and probably a richer back story—when compared to other flooring materials.

All of our reclaimed wood flooring is 100% reclaimed from old barns, buildings, rural structures, and other sustainable sources of reclaimed timber. We offer a limited selection of reclaimed flooring options in our online shop.

Don’t see the species of wood you’re after in our shop? Give us a call. Together we can figure out what will work best for your project. We also welcome visits to our lot in Lancaster County, PA, to view our current reclaimed flooring inventory.


• Available in yellow pine, heart pine, hemlock, chestnut, hickory, white oak, and red oak.

• The rarity of chestnut in North America makes it an especially unique choice.

• Choose white oak for an exceptionally dense grain.


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