We Provide One-of-a-Kind Reclaimed Wood and Iron Products for Your Unique Vision

When the look of brand-new materials just won’t do, rely on Vintage Wood and Forged Iron. We offer a wide variety of reclaimed barnwood and hardware, as well as hand-forged iron pieces to suit any style. Bulk discounts are available.


We are your source for unique wood species at affordable prices.


Distinct barnwood flooring available in pine, hemlock, chestnut, hickory, white oak, and red oak.


Reclaimed hinges, doorknobs, and other fixtures lend an instant vintage feel.


Come to us with just an idea or a finished design, and we’ll create the iron pieces you need to complete any project.


Send anything from a basic sketch to a detailed architectural drawing, and we’ll take care of getting you the items you need to finish your project.

Have your reclaimed wood wire brushed and kiln dried. Wire brushing will remove any dust and dirt, creating a smooth surface without a sanded look, and kiln drying ensures proper moisture content prior to installation. We also recommend treating reclaimed lumber at this stage to take care of any hidden insects or mold.

Visit us with your clients, and our sales team will be happy to show you around and let you see our process. Or, send your clients alone, and after discussing their project with them, we’ll send them back to you for final details and pricing.

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Vintage Wood and Forged Iron

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